Protected Food Names

In 1993 EU legislation came into force which provides a system for the protection of food names on a geographical or traditional recipe basis. The scheme highlights regional and traditional foods whose authenticity and origin can be guaranteed. Under this system a named food or drink registered at a European level will be given legal protection against imitation throughout the EU.

Producers who register their products for protection, benefit from having a raised awareness of their product throughout Europe. This may in turn help them take advantage of consumers’ increasing awareness of the importance of regional and speciality foods. Once a product is registered any producer within the designated area complying with the specification is eligible to use the name.

Worcestershire County Council Trading Standards Service is an inspection body for foods in Worcestershire which have gained protected status.

We are working in partnership with the respective producer groups:

     PGI Logo     Vale of Evesham Asparagus - Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) is open to products which must be produced of processed or prepared within the geographical area and have a reputation, features or certain qualities attributable to that area.  


Verification plans have been developed for the Vale of Evesham Asparagus Grovers and include the audit criteria taken from the product specifications and action taken on non-compliance.

Producers within Worcestershire complying with the specification subsequent to an audit are then eligible to use the respective protected name.

What are the rules governing protected names?

  • Producers using a protected name must comply with its appropriate product specification.
  • The producer must be audited prior to the use of any PDO/PGI name.
  • A Certificate of Conformity is issued and valid for 3 years, subject to continued compliance with the relevant specification.
  • Audit for this purpose is subject to a fee.  For details of the current fee please contact Trading Standards as detailed below.
  • The words Protected Geographic Indication/Protected Designation of Origin, and/ or the PGI/PDO logo, as appropriate is required to be indicated on the labelling.

How do I apply to be audited?

Download an application form and return it electronically to: or by post to:

Worcestershire Trading Standards
 Wyre Forest House
 Finepoint Way
 DY11 7WF

Alternatively telephone 01905 799882 and ask to speak to a Trading Standards Officer.

Our Enforcement Policy is available here

What is the application process for a new protected name?

Defra are responsible for handling of applications made under the EU protected food name scheme within England.

Details of the stages involved in the application process can be found on the how to register a food and drink products webpage.

For further information on applying to protect a name please contact Defra Tel: 020 7238 6075 or Email:

How can I find out which product names are registered or have been applied for?

The DOOR database includes product names registered as PDO, PGI or TSG as well as names for which registration has been applied.

Full list of UK registered products available.

E-BACCHUS is the database on geographical indications protected in the European Community for wines originating in Member States and third countries.